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Walk, discover, wonder, connect.

Private guided walks in and near Acadia National Park



make and use a nature journal

We will sit at a table outside. personalize a simple journal then take them to the field.

All about trees

Trees all have their own stories. Learn to identifty a dozen or more trees found on Mount Desert Island.

explore with your senses Pause to listen, take in scents, touch nature's textures, and even try some tastes. 


Make your own walk Pick a few subjects that interest you and we can choose a path and create a hike featuring them.

Sunrise! Welcome the day  with intention.

Life between the tides  We would not survive in the intertidal zone, but many fellow creatures do. 


Find your walk


​All about trees

This walk takes us down the abandoned Breakneack Road about a mile, and then we retrace our steps, seeing things from a different perspective. In this short stretch are over twenty different species, each with their own stories. 

Acadia National Park Pass required

Approximately two hours

$150.00 for 1-3 people, $50 .00 each additional person up to six (maximum)


Using your senses

There is so much more to experience than the view! We will walk to Hunter's Beach, tuning in to our senses, listening, smelling, touching. After the beach we will ascend a short cliff and do a few activities to heighten our senses. There will be tastes to sample if you wish, too. Then we head back, noting even more than we did before.


Acadia National Park Pass required

Approximately two hours

$150.00 for 1-3 people, $50 .00 each additional person up to six (maximum)


Life between the tides

If you think you have it rough, imagine living in a world covered in water, then exposed to a hot sun! We will meet about 1.5 hours before low tide and walk to the water's edge.  How animals adapt in this changing environment is full of surprises.


Acadia National Park Pass required

Approximately two hours

$150.00 for 1-3 people, $50 .00 each additional person up to six (maximum)




Good morning Day! Starting in the dawn light we will hike to top of Beehive,  or walk Hunter's Beach to the cliff trail for sunrise. Stretch, sing, do a little dance, or whatever you wish to welcome a new day. Meet at location TBD 45 minutes before sunrise.


Acadia National Park Pass required

Approximately two hours

$150.00 for 1-3 people, $50 .00 each additional person up to 6 (maximum)



Custom guided walks 

Leave the planning to someone who knows the trails, nature,

local history, and loves to share our stories.



Nature Journaling

New to journaling?  Let's get started. We will gather round a long table and get acquainted with how and why to start a nature journal, and the many different kinds to choose from. Then we will take a ten minute walk to the park, and practice capturing on paper the things we see and feel. We provide a simple journal and pencils, or bring your own.


Aproximately two hours

$165.00 for 1-3 people, $55.00 people for each additional person, maximum 6


About Karen Z. and Maine.



The big island


National Park


Guide and Naturalist

MDI may not feel much like an island, but it is 8 miles wide and 15 miles long, and attached to the mainland by a bridge.  There are several towns, miles of coastline, and multiple nature conservancies and protected lands for hiking and exploring.

New England's only national park has carriage roads for  easy walking,  mountain peaks for spectacular sunrises, and tidal beaches for encountering small marine creatures.

A year-round resident of Otter Creek, Maine, Karen has spent decades wandering out her back door into the park to see and learn. She has a Wilderness First Aid certificate, CPR, is a Registered Maine Guide, a Maine Master Naturalist, a certified Cyber tracker and leads classes and workshops in nature journaling and exploring the world using all our senses.

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